Give Me a Sign

Diane Edwards (UK) and Upasana Nattoji Roy (India)

An Indo-Futuristic project exploring narratives of climate change, through the storytelling power of Indian dance mudras and Machine Learning

Give me a Sign is an audiovisual experience that invites audiences to engage in a philosophical, analytical and speculative conversation around today’s climate change narrative to imply that non-action is not an option. Interacting with an illusionary, child-like AI entity called ‘Shunya’ using specific Indian dance mudras (hand gestures), audiences will be invited to share poetic insights and concerns relating to the climate emergency. 

In the tradition of science fiction, the artwork employs fantastical means with the help of AI to digest and think about difficult and overwhelming situations such as our changing climate, probing into insecurities, confronting them and speculating about the change coming and how might we live in this new and potentially hostile environment. The project highlights the power of physical gestures in expressing meaning in relation to our physical environment. Repurposing mudras to reconnect with nature and convey the climate concerns we face, Give me a Sign hopes to build a bridge between humans, machines and cultures.

Can the union of Indian dance mudras and machine learning create a new narrative for the climate crisis and inspire us to take action?

Tech Tags: Skeletal Tracking, Avatar

Give me a Sign displayed at FutureFantastic Festival in March 2023

Supported by the India-UK Together Season of Culture Grant by the British Council as a part of the BeFantastic Beyond Programme