This is a pivotal time in the course of humanity. On one side we have climate change and on the other, the Singularity. What is the role of art as we hurtle towards these eventualities.

Societal structures are rapidly unravelling. Urban infrastructures strained. Our environment polluted and decaying. The future, local and global, seems dark.

It is time for art to manifest humility and hope. Not in the language of wealth and power. Nor in that of hierarchy. But in one of radical, open, optimism.

Monoliths that have entrapped histories, can be broken. Museums, and art collections, now call from within and without, to be shared openly with communities.

Let’s speak beyond and directly into the city, into lives and into communities. Let’s cast our intention towards a sustainable future, and manifest it. The arts will transcend the language of the oppressor and be reclaimed once more by people. People as creators, and problems as motivators to bring us together.

Bangalore Fantastic is the art of people and places, speaking autonomously, and liberated in voice, language and dreams. This is the art of the future.

Fluid in time as memory, fact and fantasy. Fluid in issues of the then, now and beyond. Bangalore Fantastic is an optimist’s celebration of reinstating value, and thus the currency of power and wealth, to the act of creating and coming together. It is the art-making of hope for our future.  



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