Poetics of Garbage

Artists: Aashna Arora (India), Bruce Gilchrist (UK) (India), Chaitali Kulkarni (India) and Thaniya K Mahalakshmi S (India)

This art piece is a captivating blend of the human form, the written word, and advanced predictive technology.

“Poetics of Garbage”, reflexively produced a commentary on the relationship between humans and their garbage. In this performative piece inspired by ideas of rituals, the discarded is given cultural agency and transformed into an opportunity, an untapped resource waiting to be harnessed. The performer uses plastic waste as a garment wandering the streets of New Delhi, to create a profound video work an audio rendering of AI generated poetry. The piece also explores AI’s potential to misclassify as a light overlay where the video, subjected through classification software depicts visually the inability of AI in its current state to be fully effective.