Autonomous Vehicles: Heaven or Hell?

Urban designer and researcher Dr. Tanvi Maheshwari discusses ways to make the transportation sector more efficient through the lens of climate change and decarbonisation. Dr. Tanvi Maheshwari is the Associate Director of Future Cities Lab, Singapore. She is an architect exploring questions around urban transportation futures.

Notable Responses

Amay Kataria, USA (BeFantastic Together Fellow ’21)

“A slightly cynical take on automating all vehicles on the road. It’ll lead to a collective intelligence whose control must be decentralized.”

Divya Ramachandran, India (BeFantastic Together Fellow ’21)

“Would machines over take humans? Will tech replace human? Why would we encourage it if it might do so? But tech and machines also make life easier.  

Machine and human engagement should be encouraged, machines should be enablers not replacements.”

Kapilan Naidu, Singapore (BeFantastic Together Fellow ’21)

“I wanted to explore the ambiguity of autonomous vehicles as a potential solve for private vehicle carbon emissions. The poem and accompanying visuals question if autonomous swarm intelligence is the way forward, or are we potentially kicking the problem further down the road for future generations to solve? The final line hammers this point home by invoking ‘light’ in the verse while inverting the visuals.”