Agriculture, Food and Climate Change

Marcus Koe presents issues and challenges posed by existing and emerging agricultural practices and provides alternative solutions towards imagining a climate positive future.

Reimagining food systems for sustainability, Marcus Koe is the Founder of Habitat Collective, Singapore. 

Notable Responses

Srishti Lakhera, India (BeFantastic Together Fellow ’21)

“The landscape was inspired by the provocation by Marcus Koe, where he says “climate justice goes with social justice. Which I completely believe with my own experience working on the ground with people. As he says the future is with small-scale farming which means all of us have to start growing food ourselves. These new times and the gig-economy also pushes us to know multiple skills, that means I should be a filmmaker and a farmer. My dream is to grow a ‘food-forest’ one day. The landscape is inspired by that dream.”

Swati Simha, India (BeFantastic Together Fellow ’21)

“Adding objects to the teachable machine to create a narrative out of the 3 line poem written during the farmer’s protest. Provoked by the lecture on land use and local markets, decided to use and manipulate audio clip of speech given by farmer at Singhu border about ‘mandi’.”

Yu-Jeng Kuo, Singapore (BeFantastic Together ’21)

Build your own garden, no matter how small it is.

Cheyenne Alexandria Philips, Singapore (BeFantastic Together Fellow ’21)

“Inspired by Habitat Collective’s Provocation, this poem speaks of the urban-ness of Singapore and how disconnected people literally are from the world-saving potential of soil through the layers of shoes and pavement and concrete. I hope to explore the both literal and figurative disconnect between people and soil moving forward.”

Melanie Conrad, Germany (BeFantastic Fellow ’21)

“With intensive agriculture and retail waste, we are polluting and impoverishing soils. But a healthy soil is key to healthy people, animals, ecosystems and storing CO2 created by agriculture. We need to look at our feet and start nourishing the soil that nourishes and protects us back.”