Breaking the Spiral of Silence

Climate Psychologist Margaret Klein Salamon urges us to break the spiral of silence surrounding climate change. 

Margaret is the Executive Director of the Climate Emergency Fund, USA. She helps people to face the deeply frightening, painful truths of the climate emergency and transform their despair into effective action.

Notable Responses

Almeda Morgan Mckendry, USA (BeFantastic Fellow ’21)

“Climate change & global warming (as well as personal responsibilities) inspired haiku: Ocean forth we arise (Shell) / Enchanting venom eater (Peacock feather) / Feathers crash, waves sway (Blue)”

Divya Ramachandran, India (BeFantastic Together Fellow ’21)

“But we can’t just wait for a miracle, we must take action!
Think Green. Act Green. Live Green.
Then before you know it, you’ll witness the greatest planet ever seen.
Go Green!”

Holly Veselka, USA (BeFantastic Together Fellow ’21)

liactuallee, India (BeFantastic Together Fellow ’21)

“to break silence, we need networks, connections and communities; start a conversation based in empathy with someone you love.”

Lidya Chrisfens, Singapore (BeFantastic Fellow ’21)

“The climate is changing
Don’t be in denial, it’s destroying our home
Be aware, Take Action!”

Ayesha Hassanwala, India (BeFantastic Together Fellow ’21)

“Silence can come in many forms and have varied outcomes. Some are subtle but spread easily like toxicity. Other kinds are purposeful, ‘loud’ silences, that have more impact than words. I have tried to give sharp edges to the whirling spirals of silence.”

Vinko Vrsalovic, Spain (BeFantastic Together Fellow ’21)

“The biggest problem with climate
starts with a G
I dare to say it is Greed”

“Silence, Spiral, break!”

Amay Kataria, USA (BeFantastic Together Fellow ’21)