Let’s Talk Trash

Sahar Mansoor emphasises on the social dimensions of the growing garbage crisis and brings our attention to the importance of embarking on a zero-waste lifestyle. She makes evident various homegrown examples towards this path in our everyday life, specifically in the Indian context, and elaborates on how these have been her inspirations to set up Bare Necessities, a start-up that offers solutions to mitigate our collective dependence on landfills and other traditional sites of waste disposal.

Notable Responses

Tenzin Gopal, India (BeFantastic Together Fellow ’21)

“I really enjoyed Sahar Mansoor about the zero waste management. My provocation leans well with this idea.”

Cheyenne Alexandria Philips, Singapore (BeFantastic Together Fellow ’21)

“A short music tract to describe the filling of Singapore’s Island Landfill ( Pulau Semakau) at an alarming rate.”