A Crescent Moon Rises

The birds are tweeting in the woods.

A chair is thumping on the floor.

The record plays in reverse.

A yellow crescent moon is rising, now orange, now hot pink, as a baboon’s behind.

What colour is subversion? What is the sound of critique? What shape is a celebration?

These aren’t questions I could have predicted would arise today but, thanks to a collaborative text exercise, Shayekh, Koel and I found ourselves pondering exactly that.

Starting with three keywords for the fellowship (we chose celebration, critique and subversion, respectively), we were given a set of prompts in order to conjure imagery via colour, sound and object. From there, we were tasked with combining our imagery into one text.

Our inadvertent colour scheme of yellow, orange and pink, provided a visual segue between the traditional crescent moon (which Shayekh associates with the celebration of Eid) and a much more subversive form of mooning…

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  1. This colab made me smile! Here’s to subversive moons 🙂

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