MocktailofCode. D4.

Summarizing the first session about Tech that revolves around five words : Dataset | Training | Model | Test | Validate

‘Having’ a Dataset is foundation of our exploration here with AI enabled TechArt.

Order and Chaos :
I found this thing from my archives about order and chaos :

Exploring p5.js :
I was to exploring the idea of above sketch in p5.js. There will be two worlds internal and external. The exploration of order in internal world would result in chaos in external world.

Both my attempts are not yet there in-terms of how I visualized them.

Fusion of Code :
Sabastian, Rashmi and I explored if we can have a same color palate for our codes in the theme of Fire. We exported videos from our codes and Sabastian made a video mocktail of them! Best part, Sabastian presented it with a real fire in hand, which was cool :p


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