Bach Bash

All my work – analog as well as digital, physical and virtual have included sound design. For live performances the main conversation has been over the music and for the films I create – music is the parallel story that adds another dimension to the narrative.

I mostly collaborate on the music with composers, sound designers and engineers. While the tools have been digital and software.

I have never collaborated to create a particular style of music like the Day 6 session introduced.

Coucou helps create Bach-like music and exports it in midi form – which in turn can be taken elsewhere to orchestrate and create

First I just played with it like I would in analog maybe
Oona # 1 Oona # 2
Notes to Self : keep space for the Collab-o-robots to jam

Oona #3 Oona #4
Robots Revolted!!!
with no space to work or jam they just stood around – arms folded – shaking their heads disapprovingly. —

Oona #0
Pay attention to the keys!

Oona #have fun
Little breather invites the lil Robots to join in

Coucou midi exports the music in 4 layers of harmony. It has a constraint that it can only create 8 bars at a time.

So I decided to use the constraints to guide my palette to create.

I saved my original input which was quite staccato as I wanted the robots to fill in the chorales

hear it here

you can see it visually below

Then I set the robots to work

This is what they added – Machine Output – with chorales included.

From this I got two midi files each contributing 4 layers to my orchestra – Though I work with Audition, Pro Tools etc – I took it to Garage Band wanting to explore what it offers.
I don’t believe in the hierarchy of a tool – its the aptness and creative uses of a tool that matters

Instead of going into coucou multiple times to extract a longer piece to work with. I decided that it would be great to work with only one set of my input and machine output as my palette and create the music with just that. The plan is to introduce each and then intertwine them to see if we can create really a piece together.

4 layers of my ORIGINAL INPUT


4 layers of 🐦 MACHINE OUTPUT


Bach Bash

Now off to Garage Band
Updates soon !!!

Listen to the test Below!

just a test —- still brewing

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