A walk with GPT-3

I came to know about this autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text named GPT-3, at first in this CoLab ArtTech fellowship.Although I am a sound artist & have deal with digital workstation each & everyday .. but if the Digital Audio workstation is a canvas , GPT-3 is itself a collaborator/co-artist/artist itself!

I came to know a little till now ,but that easily reflects how immensely capable it is; and it has capability of think-provocative output even.

As a part of our group work we 3 artists from 3 different disciplines put 3 self-written poetry as a input. And our main motive was to observe how GPT-3 work on those pieces !

this is how the prompt part looks like..
this is the API parameter I randomly chosen

Before final realization , we 3 collaborating artists just curious to see how the ‘end product’ came out. And this is what we got-

this is what we got.

Surely, this is quiet surprising ! I believe this is a software with immense possibilities & there are a lot to study/explore about it’s pattern of action.

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