Where do we go from here?

Though I have been using p5js for a while now, I really wanted to see what would happen if I limited myself to instructions of the session. I have added a “for loop” though!

Alistair read out a wonderful piece by Hito Stereyl – refer here for more: https://befantastic.in/2020/10/22/a-sea-of-data/

The image in the essay was very similar to me state of mind. I’m in a home filled with noise. Noise of a baby, instructions of a mother, adages of a grandmother! I’m constantly bubbling at the surface!! And Alistair also shared this amazing youtube talk of Hito – which talks about bubble vision! The ice bubbles are so amazing – and probably would appreciate this kind of “freezing” in my life!! 🙂

The p5js sketch is just a simple representation of that!

Try it here


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