Co-Created Sound Doodle We & AI. D6.

Day 6 discussions rolled around How Machines Play both music and games. I find the discussion on Game quite interesting.

Google Deep mind defeated the World Champion in Go was not shocking for me, as my background in engineering I could totally conceptually think about how this can happen. I am sure as computing power increases this records would be broken further. Chain reaction of questions that struck my mind were:

Is computer really playing or is only calculating? From when we start calling computing , playing?

The computer is programmed to win. And more than that always win. So what is the objective of game? Is it only to win? Isn’t it also about the time and joy of playing with someone, another human, as it has always been?

I was trying to find what is more human being achieved in this than catalyzing computational power around all possibilities of a game? While this was a thought to keep pondering for a while, there was one point that came up later in presentation was interesting and presents a hope. Hasan also presented how the Go game is advancing after AI Cracked it and how new moves are being explored which were not played earlier in history of the game. This way one can say that AI added or pushed the capacity of human intelligence one step further. This is interesting, however what we use this intelligence for it a curious perspective to keep looking out for in future 🙂

Sound Doodling Experiments :
Collab with Cat and Marcel. We did not have expertise or much experience of music and had a little time, hence we could only doodle. We played around how our initials sounds on two of the tools CMB.

Wait. . . were not team of three, we were four, our eternal invisible (may be) friend, AI.

on Coucou (

as we typed initials MCB and played it……
we asked Robots to Edit the sound track! And this is what we had.

on BeatBlender (


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