A(I) Search For Answers – Group Pecha Kucha to Fellows + Mentors

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I can’t believe today is the last day of the Fellowship, what a fortnight it has been. Its been a challenge, yet so inspiring and I’ve built up the momentum that I was hoping for, to learn 3D modelling for 3D printing, coding for Arduino and sound-based tools/software for the first time. I feel like I’m unstuck, once again. Residencies and Fellowships like this, really enable my creativity to flourish and to get myself out of any creative blocks.


Today we presented our idea as a short Pecha Kucha presentation to the Fellows and to the Mentors, we were last and it went so well.

Positive feedback from our Group Pecha Kucha

For each chapter, we chose one question and the philosophers will begin to explore these questions as the story progresses. The first question being – What are humans?

We received positive and constructive feedback about our final artwork – A(I) Search For Answers, which helped us to think about:

  • Which voices of the past do we want to platform?
  • If these figures were alive today, what would they say to us?
  • Diversity, equality, gender, philosophy, religion etc to offer a deep and meaningful conversation with different people and perspectives.
  • How do we bring ourselves and the audience into this conversation?
  • The Earth as a lab/computer.
  • How do we communicate with nature?
  • Giving a voice as expression of knowledge (VIVA).
  • Philosophers as avatars.
  • What do you want the audience to think or feel?

There were of course many other inspiring presentations from the Fellows, I particularly liked Thomas, Nayeli and Ambika’s idea for the interactive knot sculpture. It was great to see a physical artwork being made, alongside many virtual/online-based artworks.

I liked Diane, Upasana and Sha-yekh’s idea too – such a fantastic blend of all of their cultures and ideas coming together. That’s what shone through our work too, which is what makes these international collaborations so worthwhile.

This isn’t the end – yet!

Farewell, for now.

Stay tuned to explore the answers to our big questions in our final artwork – A(I) Search For Answers, at the public Show and Tell event on Friday 20 November. Find out more and book here.

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