The Joy of Fireworks without it’s Detriments

By BFT Student Fellow: Aditi Neti

As part of the Footprint and Climate breakout room, I heard discussions about how we can minimise our ecological impact, and exist in this world not as an invasive species but as a species who keeps other fauna and flora in mind. This got me thinking, bursting firecrackers in India during Diwali brings joy to many but is so harmful in terms of air and noise pollution (as well as child labour in factories). With the technology available to us today, why not explore if we can create projections of this fireworks, and bring joy without the harmful effects? This is a simple 2D exploration on p5.js: how we can manufacture the fireworks but leave other species relatively less disturbed.

2D Exploration on p5.js
About the student fellow

Aditi Neti: I am a college student (BA(Hons)Design Communication) currently attending LASALLE College of the Arts. I have a very strong personal style as a designer, but at the same time, I am adaptable and versatile accordingly. I am also deeply interested in computational design and I hope to use my experience and skills in that department. Furthermore, I always hoped that my role as a designer in this world could help instigate change, and the climate crisis is an issue I am passionate about solving.

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