Afrah Shafiq has been working alongside writers, photographers, artists/filmmakers like Shilpa Gupta, Tejal Shah and Paromita Vohra on projects as varied as Cinema City, Dream Girls and Men & Boys for Gender Justice. Earlier, Afrah has worked on a graphic publication, dates. Sites on 20th century Bombay/Mumbai that was anchored to its most popular public institution – the cinema. Another of Afrah’s projects includes Connected, a TV series by filmmaker Paromita Vohra that looked at the inner lives of women in Bombay told through their video diaries.



Following an Alice in Wonderland style adventure, Sultana’s Reality is stitched together with written accounts of different women, who would rather nap than read. Those who were stoned in the streets for wearing shoes and carrying umbrellas, those who read forbidden texts in secret at night, and those who went on to write books, telling their story in their own words. This web-story by Afrah Shafiq, is told through an animated potpourri of digital art forms made by collating, re-mixing, reinterpreting and reimagining traditional visual imaginations of the visual form.

This project responds to UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality


India Foundation of the Arts

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