Brendon Oliver


What do you love about India / UK? A question that aims to unravel a third space of invention to help form a new future utopia working with algorithms and software entangled with human interactions… produced by New Art Exchange and Quad as part of Here There & Everywhere.

This project responds to UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities


Here There Everywhere, UK


Brendan takes an agnostic approach to technology, selecting technologies as the most appropriate tool for the task and learning continuously along the way. He has worked with clients large and small, from Multi-national brands as part of a team for Advertising agencies, PLC companies to working directly with SMEs in his local area. He has been lucky enough to create digital work outside of the web, producing Interactive applications for BBC Big Screens, Glastonbury Festival, interactive artwork for organisations such as FutureEverything, the V&A and Fiber Festival Amsterdam. He has also created 3D printed sculptures from real-time data from 2014 FIFA World Cup matches.

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