Kavita Singh Kale


The Artist feels that influences of the seductive digital world have obscured the sensorial qualities of Nature. In a world that has witnessed the deterioration of the relationship between nature and humanity, the new generation has no patience to watch a sapling grow to become a tree. ‘Germinate’ is an interactive art installation inviting one to participate in a surreal digital space, and make a digital forest. This is a satirical commentary by the artist about the fact that Indian city kids have limited interaction with nature in urban spaces.

This project responds to UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land


Kavita Singh Kale’s background as an artist and a designer enables her to draw a thin line between-design following functionality verses pure self- expression. This temperament has evolved her as a Transmedia artist. She works in a variety of media including art installations, children’s books, comics, paintings and videos. Kavita is the co-founder of an interdisciplinary studio called Underground Worm Art & Design based in New Delhi.

Visit her website >>

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