Lekha Washington


“A flow of light, sometimes against the grain,

Lightstrom is a flowing tornado, a glowing dervish

that can be moulded by hand, touching light itself.

A Strom in German speaks of electricity, a current or a flow like a river. In Czech, it speaks of that which is towering above, a sight to behold. In this context, when the artist says LightStröm, she means a phenomenon, almost like the weather, a whirl of lightning caught together- a flowing form of light. Interactive in an intuitive way, Lightstrom marries the gentle, repetitive flow of a fireplace with the tactility and softness of wind. The visitor can directly interact with something as ephemeral as light, showcasing its qualities well beyond just illumination.

This project responds to UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities


Lekha Washington creates post-surrealist work, self taught as a fiberglass and resin caster as early as when she was sixteen years old. She currently works in a variety of media, from helium balloons to film, informed by her post graduate degree in film-making from the National Institute of Design and long acting career.

She explores notions of being through her very conceptual work- strongly influenced by her interest in functional art. The idea above all else is what drives her work.

Visit her Website >>

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