Interrogate- Identify Poem

-By Ayesha M. Ali

Onto a new journey of identifying through a single word to then creating machine learned identity for myself. Process is transforming as well as enticing.

Dedicating this poem to all my Befantastic Furry Fellows of Jaaga! 🙂

Final Poem! 🙂

Every chance is of a brownish hue,

bathing in Moonlight , Hiding in plain sight.

of the undiscovered avenues and anticipation,

Identity we interrogate within,

a relatively relevant roar and growls,

like parallel rusty rail tracks,

a harmony of leopard’s print,

imagining shades of purple, which dont even exist.

though quite repetitive in search of the destination

perhaps glamor,

The future was held back,

by barriers removing sound, silencing voices.

Life is unwelcome, monotonous black as barbed wire.

Silenced like uprising voices,

a passenger on the mid-way,

Identity in interrogation is now blue, a bit gold or mauve,

a very royal shade, two shades or maybe three

soft like lavender but spiked too, like a thorn

refined rustle of sensations felt, mild irritation and warmth ignored

before arrival and after reception,

clutching gears, dissecting anatomy of noise,

 Remixing nuisance, I joined a new tribe

Blending with the species in yellow ways,

an everlasting rush, with new furry friends

new home was founded for bonds, everlasting

adrenaline in veins and mask on my face.

So, I went back and forth with visuals and poem side by side, and I liked the idea of staying in isolation and being able to connect with people around the globe. So I created these artworks in response to Covid and this new jungle I am taking a refugee in for days to come. So these artworks are my response to words that came up in the poem.

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  1. Kamya Ramachandran Avatar
    Kamya Ramachandran

    Thanks Ayesha, not sure we could see the final actioning of the piece here, but an interesting exploration for sure!

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