Subversion is…

Subversion is as hot pink as a baboon’s behind.

It’s the scratch of a record in reverse.

Subversion is empowerment.

I took a fairly literal approach to choosing my objects/triggers here. I think next time I might choose different objects that “subvert” the viewer’s expectations…

I like where the text begins to break down at the end as I play around switching out the different triggers.

As I watched back other participants’ examples, I wondered whether a single object with multiple different sides/faces could be used. Each face of the object could be attached to a different line of text so that, as the object is rotated, it starts to tell a story.

Could a longer narrative be told and retold by a multitude of objects in this way (kind of like an exquisite corpse)?

2 responses to “Subversion is…”

  1. Lovely! I hit upon that place too Alistair.. dropped my ‘objects’ eventually for a single rotating scarf which seemed to be amply generative 😀

  2. Kamya Ramachandran Avatar
    Kamya Ramachandran

    Alistair! While the objects maybe literal, the performative rendition of it is super special!! the pace, the repetition of the words of the poem with the intensity your voice brings to it…. brilliant!

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