Warm up to be Mind-blown

I have come into the fellowship with a sponge for a brain. I was excited and also anxious about meeting new people in an online setting and to add to it my Pecha Kucha was scheduled for the first day itself.

Stef Turner was our facilitator and she really eased me into it. The warm up session had a series of progressively larger exercises to get us to ease up, break the ice and get our creative juices flowing.

We were frequently put into smaller breakout rooms that worked so well and made it easy to have so many fleeting conversations. It really felt like I was at a conference or film festival where I had scheduled activities while I could also loiter about and be free to have conversations and look about.
A very unexpected experience especially for an online group interaction.

The Poem

This was the larger exercise for the day. We were given prompts to guide us through creating a poem.
1 : Pick a word from a list given
2 : what colour is it?
3 : Think of an object to represent it
4 : How does it sound?
5 : Give it an adjective / descriptive

My word was FUTURE and this is what I created

Future is a brilliant blue purple
Enlightened Aura
It sounds like the silence of the possibilities
just before a storm
The Future is Now.

Hold on to this for now – there is more to come……

Collaborative Poem with Cat and Dibyendu.
we were back in breakout rooms to create a collaborative poem
with our 3 keywords – InnovationFuture and Self-Expression 

The other keywords from each of our texts are highlighted in italics.

This is how it turned out – each of us have a modified version of this with the same keywords

Self expression has the aura of an owl. It is mysterious, yet has the silence of possibilities.
Possibilities – that lead to pioneering and Innovation that shine our headlights like the surface of a puddle.
The storm of change bring the splashing of the rain of ideas to join into the flowing water of a collective journey to the Future.
The future is purple, silver and grey. The future is Now.

Pecha Kucha Time
It was really unbelievable to see the kind and variety of work that was presented.

Watching the inspiring work by other fellows was inspiring to say the least.

It took me back to the institute and our multidisciplinary practice. Being first a visual designer and a film maker, when I think of NEW technology I primarily think of ways of creating and interfacing with visuals and communication and related experiences.

I miss the tactile aspect of the work I used to do and have been looking for ways to interface with the tactile aspect of craft and performance related storytelling.

My Pecha Kucha went very well though I don’t like talking about myself and my own work. It was really surprising and felt good that there were some in my cohort that had seen my OTT work as well as had experienced my narrative film on site at the Indian Music Experience Museum.

I so look forward to learning new tools that will help me create a bridge between the analog and the digital aspects of my work.

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