Notes from my 3 year old self

artbreeder experiment

details don’t matter

lose yourself

find dark alleys

dive alone


These notes emerged from the memory of an experience when I got lost in dark narrow alleys during a power cut in Kolkata and I believed my dad was lost. I decided I needed to find him – and I did.

I am three years old.

clutching onto the wrong hand

lost in a dark alley

small steps to discovery

images created through

Artbreeder gone wrong – never use photos with open mouths or portraits of children unless creepy is what you are getting at

2 responses to “Notes from my 3 year old self”

  1. Kamya Ramachandran Avatar
    Kamya Ramachandran

    Artbreeder in the hands of a visual artist with your acumen can only be mindblowing! Dark alleys as a lost 3 year old.. foreboding….

    1. found it a perfect parallel rabbit hole to explore those dark alleys in — Its also such fun!!!

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