Open Call

International Techart Fellowship 


Creators Collaboratively Learn & Make with Artificial Intelligence
Focus on UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #3 | Mental Health and Well-being

About Bengaluru Fantastic

Jaaga’s Bengaluru Fantastic, a techart triennale pioneered in the public spaces of Bengaluru, India was launched in December 2017. We are a women-led, free-to-attend festival that brings together leaders across the cultural, tech and research sectors for diverse, inclusive public art experiences. Through our interactive and engaging techart installations, performances, talks, workshops, and dialogue-based interactions we create a discourse between diverse communities around a radical, open, and optimistic future using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) as a curatorial framework.

About CoLab 

This CoLab TechArt Fellowship is inspired by Jaaga &’s resolve to grow the community of techartists and foster creative engagement in leading digital technologies. The Fellowship is offered online and is directed to aspiring techart practitioners from any discipline of art and design. In the challenges of the times, we present the CoLab Fellowship as online program that opens the doors to exciting possibilities in international collaborations.

Supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore and British Council’s Architecture and Design Festivals and Biennales grant, this edition of the CoLab Fellowship creates a bridge between Germany, South Asia, UK & India. It is a unique  opportunity for a community of hand-picked international fellows to use the limitations of the current moment to explore and showcase collaborative learning and making with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. Over a two week period we will spend time synchronously four hours daily, working and dialoging with peers and experts who come in as trainers, provocateurs and facilitators. 

This edition of the fellowship is in partnership with Islington Mills UK. Islington Mill Art Academy (IMAA) is a free peer-led art school. It is a place to experiment and enquire; to translate arts education into something viable and meaningful in the real world. IMAA will support this fellowship edition as co-curators of the final participants from the UK’s creative sector and in promoting the open call to their community.

Fellows of BeFantastic’s CoLab will get access to a curated global community of creators as members of 

Technical Facilitation by Hasan S
Collaboration Facilitation & Program Design by Kamya Ramachandran.
Program Coordination by Navya Sah
Program Direction & Design by Archana Prasad.

The program will also be inviting Provocateurs from Germany, UK and India whose practice and experience will enable participants to gain a deeper insight into the field of techart. 

Applicant Profile

  • Based in Germany / UK / South Asia / India
  • No prior coding experience expected
  • Socially motivated
  • Experimental mindset
  • Curious to explore creating with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies
  • Women artists & designers with a desire to incorporate tech into their practice are encouraged

Important Dates

Open Call Announcement – Aug 25th, 2020
Application Deadline – September 30th, 2020
Application Results – 5th October 2020
Fellowship Program – 19th to 30th October, 2020

>> Timings for Fellowship: Monday – Friday | 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm IST | 9 am – 1 pm GMT
Public Online Showcase – 15th November, 2020

Benefits to Fellows

  • You’ll learn about the evolution of AI
  • You’ll build a show-worthy interactive AI based artwork in addition to smaller creative experimental pieces
  • You’ll showcase selected works at our finale online exhibition promoted by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore, British Council Architecture, Design & Fashion, British Council India, Islington Mill & Jaaga
  • You’ll meet and engage closely with our world-class Provocateurs & Facilitators
  • You’ll become a member of the curated global community of creators on
  • You’ll have access to stay in touch directly with your cohort and the growing community of CoLab techartists
  • You’ll learn and have access to Runway ML


Who can apply?

We are looking for people with the following prerequisites:

  • Emergent professionals – Artists, Architects and Designers with a minimum of 3 years of experience in their chosen field
  • Creators based in Germany, South Asia, India or the UK 
  • Genuine curiosity about embracing technology into one’s creative practice
  • Open to peer engagement and collaborative work
  • Willing to commit 4+ hours a day for fellowship duration
  • Have good working knowledge of at least one audio/ video/  graphic editing/ production software (eg. Adobe Suite, Ableton Live, Final Cut Pro, SketchUP, Rhino)

Applicants will be required to have the following technical support:

  • A computer (desktop or laptop) manufactured on or after 2015
  • Computers must have minimum 8GB RAM
  • Webcam & mic (internal or external) + headphones
  • Broadband internet connection (minimum 8 MBPS)
  • Smartphone – Android (Model 7 or above) / IOS (Model 6 or above)

Application Process

How do I apply?

Apply online via this application form >>

Note – you will need a Gmail Account to apply. If you don’t, and would not like to get an account please mail hello(at) Mention “CoLab Gmail Acc Issue” in the subject line.

The online application form will take about 20 minutes to complete. Please set aside enough time to complete the form. Applications must be filled in English. Applications received in other languages will not be considered.

What will be required for filling out the application?

  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV) as a PDF
  • A Statement of Purpose (not more than 200 words) outlining how and why this fellowship will influence your current and future practice as a PDF
  • A portfolio website or PDF (not more than 10MB)  of previous work must be submitted with your application

If you have specific requirements and need to submit your application in a different format, please reach out to us at

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is Sunday, 30 September 2020, 23:59hrs GMT 

What makes my application ineligible?

  • Only Germany, South Asia, UK & India based creators can apply
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered
  • Applications not received by the deadline will not be considered

Note: Please allow an appropriate amount of time based on your Internet’s speed to upload all your documents before the deadline.

Questions to prepare for in the Application Form

  • Educational qualifications
  • Work experience
  • Public presentations / shows / publication links
  • Software knowledge
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • About your creative journey
  • What is your understanding of TechArt
  • Your area of expertise in the creative sector
  • About your previous artistic collaborations.
  • What did you learn from the process?
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Portfolio Attachment / Link


What criteria do we look for in evaluating an application?

Eligible application will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  1. Strength of your artistic practice and/or professional career as evidenced in your portfolio
  2. Strength of statement of purpose for applying to this fellowship
  3. Strength of your capacity and commitment to your field