Ongoing Projects

BeFantastic Beyond

Are you an artist or creative technologist pushing the boundaries of creative practice with Artificial Intelligence? Do you want to project your voice towards the cause of climate action? 

Join us, as BeFantastic goes Beyond, to engage with experts and create artworks which communicates the state of nature and our collective futures.

BeFantastic Within

Are you a movement artist, performer, creative technologist, filmmaker or photographer interested in incorporating Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies into your practice?

Are you curious about how AI and performing arts can come together to amplify the call to climate action? Are you ready to BeFantastic Within?


C3: Codes, Creativity, Communities is a year-long program with participants from the fields of culture and  technology expanding their imagination and creativity through collaborative engagements, toward cultural production and civil society concerns within the realm of open source.

Flyover Country

BeFantastic and Kcymaerxthaere bring to you an exciting public art & placemaking project in Bengaluru. Together let’s cross the borders of geography and creative expertise to activate the edge effect!

Climate Commons

Climate Commons is an attempt to create a city-wide community invested in collectively understanding the state of the climate today, humanity‚Äôs role in accelerating global warming and what these changes might mean for human society, on global and local scales. 

Previous Projects

BeFantastic Together

Imagine dynamic teams of international collaborators, with a mission to amplify new collective voices and tell compelling stories about the global climate emergency by creating works using art & technology. Oh! The things we can do together!