Reconstructed Self

Day 03’s exercise explored how we can alter photos of ourselves based on a variety of parameters. These parameters go beyond that which you can find on photo editing tools, they allow control over facial features and characteristics. This was possible through an online app – artbreeder.

The exercise was to recreate a version of ourselves which represented a feeling of resilience. Springing off a personal anecdote , we experimented with and explored different avatars of ourselves. My story of strongest resilience, fortunately enough, is nothing more than my experience while working on projects which push my own boundaries – technically as well as conceptually.

Whenever working on a large scale project, one that involves a lot of ‘moving’ parts and tight deadlines, I feel overwhelmed and doubt my ability to persevere. It reminds me of being caught in a turbulent wave, throwing me to the sand and forcing me to toss around helplessly. Over time, I learnt that the best way to ‘survive’ such a wave is to hold your breath and remain as calm as possible, to allow the wave to wash over you and resurface at the end. As with waves of water, so with waves of overwhelm I learnt to ride it till it passes.

On the left is the image that I started with and on the right is the reconstructed self. I achieved this by “crossbreeding” between the original and an image of a wave. I also must add that I have always been envious of a good beard and so was pleasantly surprised to see that come out through this!

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