Chaos in the coding order

Computer language is one language that I would say is truly universal! No, not even English. And here you cannot have accents either.

I have always found coding fun, relaxing and pleasurable and at the same time, quite chaotic. Chaotic because of the excessive use of curly brackets and semi-colons !! And the constant red-alerts of syntax errors! It is quite funny, because I know five languages that I can speak, and coding is just another written language. But it is somehow the only language where error’s are popping in your face all the time. Imagine, if you had to try and speak French, and you were barely learning, and every-time you made a grammatical error something popped onto your face saying “ERROR !!”. It get’s exhausting and I often get stuck, trying to find some order in all this coding chaos.

What you see above are a few drawings that emerged after using the same template that Hasan created for us, I worked around with the parameters. The idea of a parameter, again is also pretty chaotic. The variables can be quite disorderly and random. You may put RED between 0 – 255 but randomisation can go upto 700 or even more. Randomisation is as random as it sounds. But even in the chaos of randomisation there is something orderly that comes into existence, popping up and staring at you with some clarity. This order is intuitive, it is exciting. And once it is there you know it.

And in all this orderly chaos there rhythm, that helps you then set a tone to your art and your imagination. Based on the choices you make your art then emerges, from a chaos of intuitive choices, random parameters and some very conscious decisions.

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