Resilience to Fantasy D3

Can machines think? Kiran asked further it depends on how we define thinking and machine. And the discussion followed interesting stories by Hasan and perspectives spontaneously by some of the fellows.  

A personal story of resilience

snippet from my story was :

“However out of all that thinking I decided to go back. And felt like taking a call on that moment that, for something you love you have to take irrational decisions in favor of that,
dedicate time, soul and resources to it.”

photograph from my story :

Themes in my story were : Irrational Decision | mystery | travel

Playing in Art Breeder
Like all of us I found this damn interesting and while exploring I was pondering about how it would be working.

I played around with this tool for a while and building upon on my story I was wondering in which context one will have to take many many irrational decision and face uncertainty? This linked to one of my unrealistic dream that I wanted to be an old silk road traveler, I tried to bring those attributes and reached to the above image.

Thinking more about the second word mystery I imagined my self to be a mysterious character on silk route, who would have interesting stories, may be a spy that would only be found on sketches of someone whom he met previously. So now I wanted to make this sketchy and mysterious. So I tried crossbreeding with sketchy face options.

Curiosities as a group :
With Kiran and Marcel we had following points being discussed:
# may be it doesn’t generate images, it has huge data set of existing photographs and it finds faces similar to choices made and then does variation in the uploaded face
# Manipulating our face too much assuming we will find a fictional face. And then searching for this fictional face? If there’s anyone like that in real world?
# Can we make a same face again?

Personal Curiosity :
# Projecting this directly on my face. Some of these!


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