Starting off! D1.

The breakout rooms
actually helped us connect with each other in small groups. This was interesting because, everyone knew their pecha kucha session would be there later and there was no defined topic for discussion, so the fun is who will start the conversation on what? Lolz. Digital networking is a new reality. Good to connect with everyone and to find alumni from my insti Upasana and Prathima here!

(I know I might not do sketch notes forever however I don’t mind starting it :p )

The Poem thing :
Chance is brownish . . .
like the tree trunks. . .
hinted by the rustling poetry of leaves. . .
a calling of an undiscovered trail. . .

Poem fusion | with Sebastian and Ayesha :

Every Chance is brownish
as tree trunk Suppressed, silenced, muffled,
the rustling of leaves goes on and on,
of the undiscovered puzzle and anticipation,

the Identity we interrogate can be relatively royal,
royal purple like a train perhaps.
It feels like rusty rail tracks. 
It’s very shaky in search of new destination.
The future was held back by barriers removing sound, silencing voices.
Life is unwelcome,
black as barbed wire.
Silenced like uprising voices.
The poem that I put together. 🙂

Thanks to Ayesha for mixing these together.

PechKucha1 :

Loved all the presentations and felt great to be part of this. I have been working with either architects, designers or craftspeople. My (conscious) engagement with artists had been very less. So excited to start off this with artists with years of practice and varied interests, will be great for future collaborations, learning and making!

Thankful to Stef to anchor the first day so well! 

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