Puppet and Poetry D2.

Great start of this session with intro from mechanical automata! I was fascinated by mechanical automaton after seeing the film Hugo. However I did not explore more about it then and its links with ML and AI.

Making begins! Teachable Machine demo.

My edited poem for this demo :

feeling brownish today . . . 
smell of the mysterious tree trunk  . . .
following the rustling poetry of leaves . . .
calling of the undiscovered trail . . .

Found objects :
I found them through my keyword today, embracing intuitive discovery and thought of connecting them later with poem

Training the machine :
Technically simple exercise, however one of my objects was not clearly detected due to having same color as background. And I like the glitch actually, it was confusing but not keeping the screen static. So I let it be.

Better UI with P5 code
This felt like puppetry enhanced with a code. Yes a better story needs to be worked upon with that line later.

Thanks to Hasan for the ready code of ML.js that we could use.

PechaKucha 2 : Amazement continues.

Curiosities :
– making forms from clay, if they can be detected when in specific shapes .
– Using mobile in this experiment.


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