Tribal Energy

A collaboration between Oshii Brownie and Abby Records

Some raw beats that I generated
Learning to mix some beats to create some experimental music.

Remixing Samba, some bass beats and Rock overlay. Thanks to my friend @Abby , for helping me generate and realize this track and for this wonderful collaboration for my fellowship! 🙂

Conceptualised by Ayesha M. Ali, @ayesharayy

Track Composition : Abby Absar Khan

Represented by Cosmic Tribe p://

Artwork for Track by Oshii Brownie

Beats Guided by Hassan @curiouswala

Music Studio @Abby Records

Here is the Demo for Tribal Energy!

Thank you to my friends for making the demo music possible from raw beats.

Complete track coming soon!

2 responses to “Tribal Energy”

  1. notroshnibhatia Avatar

    what a fun project!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it was fun doing this. 🙂


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