More tools and more

Well as we come closer to the end of the two weeks, we get to start working on the final output collaboratively. Before sending us off into the great dark unknown, Hasan like in all previous days shone light around us, this time with all the different tools which could be used creatively in our projects. It was overwhelming to see all that has been created and to imagine the future.

Later that evening, we had a very interesting Dialog Session on the topic of showcasing TechArt. We had Avinash Kumar, Irini Papadimitriou and Shai Heredia, who shared great insight on the larger picture of this field. From trying to understand new media art in the Indian context, to the effect Covid has had to what the ecological cost of technology is, the discussion brought forth very interesting perspectives and ideas.

I would have loved to dive into more detail in this post, but with the clock ticking I am called back towards our project.

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