‘New Perception’- a Techart Zine

By BFT Student Fellows: Jocelynne Pricilia Cantona & Zaneta Trixie

This is the first 4 pages of our magazine called “New Perception”. This magazine is a highlight of other fellow’s work which we think truly open a new perception for us in art and technology.

We try to make this magazine as detailed as possible while still leaving a mysterious and ambiguous side of it to make the readers wanting to know more about BFT.

We realize that people are more drawn to something that they find “weird” but is appealing to their eyes.

Early Iterations:

About the student fellows:

Jocelynne Pricilia Cantona:A creative and eager learner, committed to using the capabilities owned to the maximum extent, hoping to be a successful designer and making made-to-order designs that leave a whimsical impression on consumers while also being aware of workers. Fully absorbed in climate change, I want to learn more about what I can do to stop it while also using my gift in fashion design and taking advantage of tech progression. 

Zaneta Trixie: I am a self-taught graphic designer, located in Jakarta, Indonesia. I really enjoy when something new comes into my life, so I never stop learning and searching for new forms of self expression to improve my skills.  Since I was a child, I've loved drawing and the design world, and I began to take it more seriously when I chose design communication and experiences as my college major at Lasalle.

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