The Art of Technology

By BFT Student Fellows: Aditi Neti & Li Xinci

Li Xinci penned down a few questions and answers based on talks given by Hasan and the related conversations that occurred. Aditi Neti formatted them and created an accompanying p5.js visual that responded to the line in the text:

“There is no right or wrong in technology, only in how to use it.”

About the student fellows

Aditi Neti: I am a college student (BA(Hons)Design Communication) currently attending LASALLE College of the Arts. I have a very strong personal style as a designer, but at the same time, I am adaptable and versatile accordingly. I am also deeply interested in computational design and I hope to use my experience and skills in that department. Furthermore, I always hoped that my role as a designer in this world could help instigate change, and the climate crisis is an issue I am passionate about solving.

Li Xinci: I am a new student of Lasalle College of the Arts. My major is design for communication & experiences. I hope to explore the dialogue between products, people and materials, and culture in the future, all of which cannot be done without the support of high technology and big data. Therefore, I am looking forward to learning more about this field soon.

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