Visual Documentation of Artistic Responses

By BFT Student Fellows: Jeremy Lim & Zhang Yuqi

Week 1:

Visual Documentation of BFT Fellow Suma Dodmani’s experiments

Week 2:

Week 3:

Visual Documentation of BFT Fellow Rebecca G’s experiments
About the student fellows

Jeremy Lim: I'm currently in my 4th year at SUSS in Digital Media. I mostly specialize in photography and videography, however I also have experience in coding and graphic design. I'm also currently working full time at a blockchain project company as a social media content creator.

Zhang Yuqi: I am a freshman of the 2021 class of LASALLE Interior Design Diploma. I am from China. I studied English, Italian A2 courses, and design-related courses. I love design very much. I believe that not everything is design, but design is everything, so I studied related interior design software before entering school, and also tried to understand other art majors.

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