Art of Change

Art of Change 21 is the first international platform in favour of the environment and sustainable development which bases itself on creativityinterdisciplinarity and co-creation. As such, the association brings together:
• 21 “accelerators of change,” 
artists, social entrepreneurs and engaged youth from 12 different countries (Kenya, New Zealand, Bahreïn, USA, Egypt, Australia, United Kingdom, France…)
• an experts committee made up of renowned French players in the field of social transformation and environmental innovation.
•  Bureau composed of three figures in the world of culture and sustainable development.
•  a team of motivated and enthusiastic permanent staff and volunteers with multidisciplinary and complementary profiles.
and two amazing patrons!

Visit their website >>



These portraits of people wearing their custom created masks recognize the threat of air pollution through creative action. Maskbook is the first participatory, artistic and citizen action project addressing the existing link between health, air pollution and climate change. An international work of art, Maskbook raises awareness and mobilizes people for the betterment of the environment, using the mask as a symbol. Through Maskbook, the anti-pollution (or dust) mask, the symbol for pollution, is transformed into a symbol for solutions.

These projects respond to UN’s Sustainable Goal 13: Climate Action


Art of Change, France

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