VAG Forum

Sambhrama Bengaluru

Using FlippAR’s platform, the cultural landscape of Bangalore comes alive through this project. What AR or Augmented Reality does for Bengaluru is give it another plane of reality that is accessible through a smart phone. Using an app that scans suggested icons, a map of the city’s culturally noteworthy spaces appears, as a parallel to a regular map of Bengaluru. An enterprise that brings art and technology together, this piece of work is in essence what Be Fantastic is about.

These projects respond to UN’s Sustainable Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities


VAG Forum is a Bangalore arts collective comprising of artists across the gamut – from internationally acclaimed senior artists to emerging ones. They have been spearheading and presenting contemporary arts of the city to the city through a series of exhibitions at Venkatappa Art Gallery every 45 days for the last year.

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