Harshit Agarwal


Tandem is a software system where a person’s drawing input is ‘imagined’ upon by a computer to suggest an outcome, thereby interweaving the two in a creative dialogue. The project explores how something as fundamentally human as artistic expression can be carried out along with an intelligent machine. Can machines be intimately involved in the process, yet not hijack our own intentions? What would happen if machines were to take part in the imagination process of creation, offering their own creative interpretations based on a visual experience similar to humans? These are the thoughts and questions Tandem welcomes you to investigate.

 These projects respond to UN’s Sustainable Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


Harshit Agrawal is an artist working with technology. He builds tools to study how technology can blend with and enhance human creative expression, and in the process create experiences that invite us to reflect upon our relationship with technology.  Broadly, he likes working with emerging technologies to poke at creative experiences with them and also actively engages in human computer interaction research. Harshit’s works include ‘Tandem’, a collaborative human-artificial intelligence art platform, ‘(author)rise’, a collaborative human-artificial intelligence handwriting system flipping the role of thinker-actor, ‘A Flying Pantograph’, a drone drawing tool that extends your arm infinitely to draw at remote canvases, ‘Protopiper’, a device with which one can physically sketch room sized 3D objects with tape, ‘Fabcode’, a visual programming language for creating 3D models for 3D printing as one explores math and computation constructs, among others.

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