Thomas Heidtmann


Place in Orbit is an installation of objects that is inspired and influenced by shapes, colours, materials, and data of space satellites from the ISRO mission PSLV-37, the historic mission which set the world record for simultaneously launching 104 satellites. The objects, connected with each other via sound, light, sensors, and interaction modes, monitor and engage a communication between the pieces themselves as well as with the visitors. Come in and experience being in the mission control of a space station as envisioned by the artist.

These projects respond to UN’s Sustainable Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


Goethe Institut – Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore


In his recent works, Thomas Heidtmann examines forms and expressions of exploration, collaboration, and communication. Fascinated by space technologies, mirrors, and questions of visibility and observation, the artist combines traditional aesthetics, materials, and techniques with new technologies such as 3D-printing, to create installations and objects that are often interactive and engaging. Interactions vary from the more obvious to arcane. The artist builds ephemeral solutions for site-specific requirements as well as autonomous pieces.

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