Hold the heavens in your hands! Make these clusters of virtual moisture, move with graceful hand gestures. Participants are invited to spin clouds of virtual water, holding the whole sky in their hands, synchronized in rhythm to make the heavens move. The visitor is invited to move the sky and contemplate our connection to the cycle of water. This graceful motion is a movement that is old and deeply connected to Central Asia, here made possible again in light and lasers.

This project responds to UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation


Sean Blagsvedt is the Founder of Babajob, India’s largest digital job marketplace for the aspiring labor, with over 8.5 million users and acquired by Quikr in 2017.  Previously, Sean was the 3rd founding member of Microsoft Research India and worked as a White House intern with President Clinton’s Internet Policy Czar, Ira Magaziner. Sean is a TED Fellow, GES 2016 Entrepreneur, Unreasonable Goals Entrepreneur and recipient of the Namma Bengaluru award for Best Foreign Resident.  He holds degrees in Computer Science and Public Policy from Brown University.

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  1. Jeyakar Vedamanickam Avatar
    Jeyakar Vedamanickam

    Amazing work on The Starry Night. I wish to get in touch with Hasan Shahrukh whom I met in LitFest.

    1. Hi jeyakar, you can find me at @curiouswala on instagram.

  2. Hi jeyakar, you can find me at @curiouswala on instagram.

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