REProduce Line Up

As part of the Bangalore Fantastic initiative, artistes from the New Delhi based music collective REProduce, bring a variation of their Listening Room series to a new arena and interface: an outdoor public engagement. The series aims to fill a gap in the ever iterative and increasingly varied community of live music in India, by showcasing talent that might otherwise not be heard in more mainstream oriented venues. REProduce Listening Room focuses purely on the music, in a space where an audience can absorb sound on their own terms. REProduce brings to Bengaluru Fantastic – Madam Gandhi (MadamGandhi.com), IRAM, Sine Painter and Rogue Atari.

Watch this three-hour musical line-up and listen to some fantastic new independent musicians and song-writers from across the global south.

This project responds to UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


Rana Ghose is a curator, economist, writer, and filmmaker. He steers the REProduce collective, a group of twelve musicians that mostly perform in the context of electronic music production. His current focus is REProduce Listening Room, a series of interventions in non-traditional spaces that engages with music and video in modular, sequential plays – taking advantage of the aesthetics of spaces as varied as former mills, bakeries, and hotels and producing them into five hour embedded experiences where up to eight different performances unfold. His doctoral research was on risk construction in a regulatory context, and the underlying dynamics of how we explore uncertainty with regards to new technologies. The theoretical framework of this research underpins his explorations within live music presentation models and how patronage and sponsorship interact within the uncertainty that pop culture engineering presents. He is currently based in New Delhi, India.

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