Trauma Portrait

After returning to India after years, I had found myself in a more religious country. My family was very religious too. But what was understood as religion had changed. It was more conservative than I remembered. And all kinds of oppression was in full swing under the pretext of heritage. It was depressing to see all the other cultures, stories and mythologies suppressed under this new monolith.

I wanted to research into Hinduism to find all the different kinds of stories there were in mythology. The hunt was to look for feminist stories. And I found far more than that. I found a culture that had roots in nature. And it has since been my path back into this vision that focuses on nature and fluidity.

The initial image I put was a morph of 2 of my photos.

The morph on Artbreeder , is into what i considered a trip back in time – a younger me. But also someone else I found in the wild.

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