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The idea of duality and trying to makes sense of the world through that lens has always felt limiting. It feels like it is set up for many ideas, possibilities and people falling through the cracks.

The world feels beautiful as a blend, a balance and an integration. We aren’t just arms, legs, some blood and organs thrown together. Something magical happens when different things come together.

This multiplicity creates the uniqueness as well as the CHAOS with this uncanny ORDER in uniformity in a collective intention.

The idea stems from the concept of the Ardhanarishwar. Not the version you might find when you google it. You could even call it my understanding of the concept.

The concept is much deeper than half masculine – half feminine. The visualisation thrown up on the image searches adds in facepalm moments.

It is the merging or seeming opposites in a becoming of a totally new organism – perhaps a new and improved version of the parts that combine.


Coding Magic

So I wanted to create Magic with this new language I am embarking on.

My practice has been very different from this experience. I first know what I am creating in terms of the structure story and a rough idea of the way to create it. The process of creation is more of an execution with a dedicated phase provided for experimentation within defined outcomes.

Today I need to do something I rarely do. PLAY at WORK.

So here we are : this was the playing in the 10 /15 minutes we had. I found I needed to embark upon triangles to get many error messages and then curling back into the comfort of circles.

when played together this is what I heard in my head

I am loving this chaos and the order I need to understand in creating it.

YAY its time to PLAY!

I had a super group who were very helpful

@dianeedwards thanks for the notes on the colour picker and shapes and stuff

@jooooki love the fun you had for putting this together

Here is what our triptych looked like together from some screen grabs from it.

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  1. lovely coordination with the music. 🙂

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