Order-Chaos-Noise-Signal: Breaking the Binary

Hasan’s lecture today was about The Magic Behind The Curtains, about the datasets and neural network models used in machine learning.

One model which we’ve used so far is a Classification Model, used to train the machine to classify objects in the Teachable Machine software.

In the world of machine learning technology, data points can be used to infinite dimensions, whereas human beings are limited to the 2D and 3D world.

Here are a few notes from the lecture:

  • Machines consist of numbers, lots of numbers.
  • Machines see black and white dots as data points.
  • The definition of intelligence, depends on what is possible today.
  • A blank canvas to a machine, consists of a graph with an x and y axis, with an ‘object’ plotted on the graph (in space/time).

Today’s Exercise

Today we used code to create a visual triptych using P5.JS open source software. I worked with Kiran and Budhaditya for the first time, which was fun as they think differently to the way I do, so it was a fruitful collaboration.

The idea was to use the theme of Order, Chaos, Signal and Noise as inspiration and bring a quote or some form of input to use, as the inspiration behind the work. I chose the scientific theory of Entropy, which was interesting as they both challenged this theory of science. I didn’t expect this, so this was a great surprise, as I am a great believer of science, but it is best to have a range of perceptions and views in any one collaboration.

For our triptych we decided to use colour and shape to represent the soundscapes we were each experiencing in our homes around the world, whilst adding any noises heard through our headsets from other parts of the world, to tie all of the pieces together. This idea came from when Budhaditya described his love for sound and how he sees colourful landscapes and horizons, when he listens to music. There’s definitely some synaesthesia going on there. Fascinating!

I found working with them to be very insightful and we collaborated to create a triptych of visual art, created using code and using the click function on our mice to plot different colours and shapes on the canvas. The theme we used was breaking the binary (see full description in the chat in the image below), as this summed up our discussions about order, chaos, noise and signals.

Between order and chaos and signal and noise, there is binary. That is what we would like to challenge in our triptych.

Triptych – from left to right, Budhaditya, Cat, Kiran

I was blown away by the work from other groups too, after the sharing at the end of the day. Just wow!

I’d like to play with this more after the fellowship, to create an interactive browser-based artwork. I’d also like to experiment with using the browser as a canvas, by adding animated and playful features to my artist website, with help from a Website Programmer in future.

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