Train Machines to Teach Ancient Gesture

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New toys :

Application of Today’s Toy

A repository of communication through Gesture.

To Teach the Machine the multiplicity in meanings of different gestures – to help humans learn multicultural nuances.

This builds from my interest in working with indigenous knowledge bases and triggering cultural conversations and extending it into context of machine learning.

Mudra Miracles - Types and Benefits of Mudras for Healing

Language is rich if it is used and changes and grows with time. When a language isn’t used it stagnates and gradually dies. The hasta Mudras from Bharatas Natyashastra have been around for centuries and have survived but have not really thrived. A lot of the classical forms tend to remain stoic and unapproachable and alienates people from engaging with them.

This collection would start with creating a repository of the Samyukta and Asamyukta Hastas and inviting non practitioners from around the world and across cultures to include the meaning they attribute to it.

Also opening up possibilities of bringing in new gestures which will only further enrich this language through cross pollination.

The interaction :

Hold up a hand gesture

the machine would present information in form of video, audio and text to choose from.

if the gesture is not listed, the audience can feed in the information which could get added like a wikipedia of hand gestures.

The repository could be organised into different cultural grouping – including folk, geographical grouping, verbal language related, sign language, social media gestures, slang and even abusive gestures.

for example : SHIKHARA

Here are some of the meanings atrributed by the author of this blog based on the abhinaya darpana

Shikhara hasta of indian dance Bharata Natyam - License, download or print  for £12.39 | Photos | Picfair

Sikhara Hasta Vini Yoga:

Madhana – Manmatha or Kama, the God of love
Kaamuka – Bow
Sthamba – Pillar
Nishchaya – Certainty
Pithrukarmani – Offering to ancestors
Oshtra – Lips
Pravishtaroopa – To pour liquid
Radhana – Teeth
Prashnabhavana – Questioning
Linga – Shiva Lingam or Phallic symbol
Naastheetivachana – Saying “I don’t know”
Samarana  – Recollection
Abhinayaanthikam – Intimate suggestion
Katibhandhakarshana – To lighten the waist band
Parirambhavidikrama – Embracing
Gantaninadha – Sounding a bell

And then we have this

فيسبوك مثل أيقونة PNG و Vector | Facebook icons, Like icon, Facebook like  logo

This is Work in Progress – and while working on the proposal – I am exploring the possibilities of working with the teachable machine in conjunction with p5.js to see if this can be actually built.

I would love to actually make this project Live and possible – Do share your suggestions and insights !

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